Dr. Williams Meets with and Addresses U.S. Ambassador to Bolivia and Bolivian Dignitaries

April 29th marked the dedication of the newly-completed clinic of one of ICSF’s partner organizations, Fundaccion, a Bolivian charity providing reconstructive surgery to indigent patients.

Dr. Williams was asked to address a crowd of approximately 200, including the U.S. Ambassador to Bolivia, David Greenlee, as well as Bolivian officials. Dr. Williams met with Mr. Greenlee before and after the dedication ceremony and discussed ICSF’s involvement in Bolivia. The U.S. embassy subsequently agreed to help ICSF with reduced fare air travel for ICSF personnel and the transportation of medical supplies. Of the meeting, Dr. Williams commented, “As I talked with Ambassador Greenlee, I was impressed with his empathy toward the Bolivian people. He also seemed relieved to learn there was an American organization (ICSF) that was dedicated to helping Bolivia, especially in times of difficult relations between Washington and La Paz.”

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