ICSF Serves Ten Missions in 2023

ICSF is officially back to a full mission schedule after The Covid-19 pandemic. “We actually were pretty much back to a full schedule in 2022 while the rest of the volunteer mission groups were still in lock-down,” remarks Dr. Williams. Countries served by ICSF in 2023 include: Bolivia (three missions), Peru (two missions), The Philippines (three missions), Vietnam and Pakistan (one mission each).

Angelee, Philippines, age two, prior to Surgery by ICSF in 2018. The operation required more than five hours to give Angelee the best result possible.

Angelee, age eight, five years after lip surgery and just prior to palate surgery.

Jay, Philippines, prior to surgery by ICSF in 2022. The operation took five hours.

Jay, one year after lip surgery and just prior to cleft palate surgery by ICSF in August, 2023.

Mighty, Philippines, age one, prior to surgery by ICSF in 2019 and after, age five.

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