Message from the President

The Influence of Mothers

As another Mother’s Day rolls around we at ICSF reflect on our organization’s close bond with mothers. There would be no ICSF without mothers. In fact, it was mothers who were responsible for the inception of our organization.

ICSF’s First Mother, Beverly Williams (1929-2016)

Early in my volunteer career, after serving several cleft palate missions with various U.S. organizations and observing the way they operate, I realized that these child patients could be treated better. The mission groups I volunteered with performed fast, assembly-line surgeries which, many times, did not produce acceptable results. In the cases of poor results, the disappointed faces of the mothers hinted to me what future direction I had to take. Then, one day, it suddenly dawned on me--- I needed to start my own organization! Upon announcing this news to my own mother, I was greatly encouraged at her response. “Geoff! This is what you were born to do!” Currently, it is the smiles and happy faces of the mothers of our little patients that keep me going.

Now, eighteen years after the inception of ICSF, after having completed more than three thousand surgeries for children with facial and other deformities in the developing world, and more than five thousand hours of teaching and training local health professionals, I would like to thank the mothers of our patients and my own mother, ICSF’s First Mother, Beverly Williams, for the crucial roles you played in ICSF coming to be. God bless mothers around the world and—Happy Mother’s Day!

Dr. Geoff Williams
President, ICSF
P.O. Box 4594
Boise, Idaho 83711-4594
(409) 939-5759

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