ICSF 2015 Mission:

Cebu, Philippines (January 5-20)
Kabankalan, Philippines (February 2-17)
Dipolog, Philippines (March 9-24)
Hai Phong, Vietnam (March 30-April 14)
Guatemala City, Guatemala (May 17-27)

ICSF 2014 Mission:

La Paz, Bolivia (Jan 4-17)
Kabankalan, Philippines (Jan 30-Feb 20)
Dipolog, Philippines (Mar 6-28)
Hai Phong, Vietnam (Mar 30-Apr 18)
La Paz, Bolivia (May 5-12)
Oaxaca, Mexico (Jun 15-24)
Cebu, Philippines (Jun 29-Jul 17)
Cadiz, Philippines (Jul 18-Aug 5)
Toluca, Mexico (Aug 17-25)
Pucallpa, Peru (Sep 27-Oct 6)
La Paz, Bolivia (Oct 7-19)
Oaxaca, Mexico (Nov 4-14)
Ozamis, Philippines (Nov 24-Dec 8)

ICSF 2013 Mission:

Cadiz, Philippines (Jan 14-31)
Kabankalan, Philippines (Feb 4-21)
Dipolog, Philippines (Mar 18-Apr 5)
Hai Phong Vietnam (Apr 8-26)
Oaxaca, Mexico (Apr 29-May 3)
LaPaz, Bolivia (May 6-10)
Cebu, Philippines (May 29-Jun 6)
Palawan, Philippines (Jul 15-Aug 1)
Toluca, Mexico (Aug 27-Sep 1)
Pucallpa, Peru (Sep 29-Oct 8)
Nairobi, Kenya (Nov 4-8)
Pakistan (Nov 9-22)
Ozamis, Philippines (Dec 2-11)

ICSF 2012 Mission:

Kabankalan, Philippines (Feb 27-Mar 23)
Oaxaca, Mexico (Apr 6-13)
Kabankalan, Philippines (Apr 23-28)
Cadiz, Philippines (Apr 30-May 5)
Hai Phong, Vietnam (May 7-22)
Cebu, Philippines (May 28-Jun 4)
Oaxaca, Mexico (Jun 11-22)
Dipolog, Philippines (Jul 16-Aug 1)
Philippines Speech Therapy Mission (Jul 16-27)
Pucallpa, Peru (Sep 22-Oct 1)
Dipolog, Philippines (Oct 15-24)
Ozamis, Philippines (Dec 3-11)

ICSF 2011 Mission:

Kabankalan, Philippines (Jan 10-21)
Nairobi, Kenya (Jan 26-29)
Cadiz, Philippines (Jan 31-Feb 12)
Oaxaca, Mexico (Feb 21-26)
Karachi, Pakistan (Mar 14-23)
Hai Phong, Vietnam (Apr 18-29)
Xian, China (May 9-14)
Cebu, Philippines (May 23-30)
Toluca, Mexico (Jun 6-10)
Dipolog, Philippines (Jul 11-27)
Dipolog, Philippines (speech therapy) (Jul 11-22)
Oaxaca, Mexico (Aug 1-12)
Nairobi, Kenya (Sep 25-Oct 1)
Karachi, Pakistan (Oct 2-12)
Lahore, Pakistan (Oct 12-15)
Oaxaca, Mexico (Oct 24-Nov 20)
Pucallpa, Peru (Nov 26-Dec 5)

ICSF 2010 Mission:

Philippines, Kabankalan (Jan 11-31)
Philippines, Cadiz (Feb 1-20)
Mexico, Toluca (Feb 22-27)
Philippines, Dipolog (Mar 8-26)
Vietnam, Hai Phong (Mar 28-Apr 12)
Mexico, Oaxaca (April 13-21)
Pakistan, Karachi (May 6-28)
Mexico, Oaxaca (May 31-Jun 7)
Mexico, Oaxaca (Jul 29-Aug 19)
Peru, Lima (Aug 20-29)
Mexico, Toluca (Aug 30-Sep 10)
Kenya, Kakamega and Nairobi (Sep 24-Oct 11)
Bolivia, La Paz (Nov 8-26)
Peru, Pucallpa (Nov, 27-Dec 6)

ICSF 2009 Missions:

Philippines, Kabankalan (Jan)
Pakistan, Mexico (Feb)
Philippines, Cadiz (Mar)
Mexico (Apr 23-May 1)
Philippines, Dipolog (May 11-29)
Mexico (May 30-Jun 8)
Bolivia (Jul 15-22)
Mexico (Jul 24-Aug 13)
Peru (Aug 15-27)
Mexico (Aug 31-Sep 11)
China (Sep 28-Oct 16)
Zambia and Kenya (Nov)
Mexico (Dec)

ICSF 2008 Missions:

Kabankalan, Philippine (Jan 24-Feb 21)
San Jose, Philippines (Feb 23-27)
Oaxaca, Mexico (Mar 1-10)
La Paz, Bolivia (Mar 11-19)
Haiphong, Vietnam (Mar 28-Apr 20)
Oaxaca, Mexico (Apr 24-May 1)
Sindh Province, Pakistan (May 7-20)
Bangkok, Thailand (May 21-24)
Suqian, China (May 25-Jun 3)
Oaxaca, Mexico (Jun 21-Jul 6)
Toluca, Mexico (Jul 20-28)
Pucallpa, Peru (Aug 22-Sep 1)
Lima, Peru (Sep 1-3)
La Paz, Bolivia (Sep 28-Oct 10)
Philippines (Oct 12-18)
Western Kenya (Nov 7-16)
Oaxaca, Mexico (Nov 16-30)

ICSF 2007 Missions:

Moshi, Tanzania
Nairobi, Kenya (Feb)
Nyari, Kenya
BuruBuru, Kenya
Lahore, Pakistan
San Jose, Philippines
Kabankalan, Philippines
Oaxaca, Mexico
Abancay, Peru
Lima, Peru
La Paz, Bolivia
Nairobi, Kenya (Jul)
Toluca, Mexico
Hai Phong, Vietnam
Suqian, China
Nanjing, China
Oaxaca, Mexico
Jacobabod, Pakistan
Bangkok, Thailand
Oaxaca, Mexico

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